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I’m Still Here!

I’m still here. Yes, and things have taken a turn. I now have a beautiful baby girl who turned 9 months old. So now you know why my training and events have stopped. Not that I’m using that as an excuse.

Also, I am recovering from a few hospital visits, namely my most recent one due to suffering a heart attack. Yes, that’s right. I won’t bore you with the details but one artery was completely blocked. I should be able to resume normal activities soon. I will keep you posted!

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That should sum up the entire event. My wife and I finished our first Half Ironman Triathlon. I just am in shock as to how fast it came. All in all, it went pretty well. There were the few occasional bad parts but in the long run, it went rather smoothly.
After my wife realized she left her racing suit at home and we stopped just outside of Stockton, we got to the hotel and settled in. Even though the offramp to the hotel was under construction, we made it. Our room was nice and had a small fridge which made storing the water bottles. After settling in we walked to the near by Togos for lunch and then drove the bike course.
Driving the bike course helps but really doesn’t give you a sense of the elevation changes. The road conditions are also not easy to tell from a truck. But driving it gave us some knowledge. There we plenty of signs and cones for directions. That really helps.
After the drive we went back to the hotel and then got some dinner. Sauceless pizza is pretty good and doesn’t give you an upset stomach. Good idea right before a big race.
After grubbing we went back to the room and chilled. 4:30 wakeup comes quick.
Damn 4:30 came quick. Oh well. We got up and got our gear ready and out we went just around 5:30. We made it to the park just before 6 and it was still pretty dark, so dark we couldn’t really tell if we were at the starting area untill we came across a few signs for parking. Ok so we were early. Pretty much we were the second or third car there. We had a pick of the transition spots. This could have been better had the frickin sun been up yet so we could see. Oh well. We got our spot and unloaded and started setting up. Then we went back and ate our cold oatmeal. Cold oatmeal almost made me gag but after a couple of bites it went down fine. I knew I needed to eat something for it was going to be a long time until I ate again.
After getting our stuff set up we checked in. I was surprised that we couldn’t get our packets early but the race wasn’t as big as I thought so this helped.
I go my number and packet and went to get marked. I got number 3 which was pretty cool. I entered into the Clydesdale division (over 200 pounds) so that could explain the low numbers. There were about 12 or so in this division so that made me feel good. You see this sport seems to be more popular with the smaller people. Damn them!
So finally it got light enough and we were off to the swim start. We got our wetsuits on and got in to warm up. The water was really kind of warm. I would say the temp was about 75. I probably could have gone without the wetsuit. after doing 2 events, I really don’t like wearing a wetsuit. It’s too constricting. O well.
So the first heat went off. Red caps. Easy to see. Then 5 minutes later the white caps went off. Next was my heat. Teal caps! Yeah baby!! As I was getting ready to start I passed a guy who I found out was also in the Clydesdale division. We high-fived! Yeah big people! I heard him talking with another guy and was asked about the time he was shooting for. He said something under 6:30. It was his first half too. My goal was to break 7 hours. I wasn’t concerned about this guy for I was focussing on my race. Yeah right, you believe that. I wanted to beat the guy. Come on now!! So naturally I wanted to see what my swim competition was like.
10, 9, 8, …. 1 GO!!! We’re off. It was a pretty smooth start from in the water. My focus guy was already way behind. I was feeling good but had to settle into a comfortable pace and not go out too hard. I really focused on my lines too. The buoys were easy to see going out but as we turned to the right for the long straight, it was heading straight into the sun. Also the buoys felt like a planet away. I wished there were more. Many people probably had that same feeling. They were zig-zagging all over the place. One guy tried to swim across my line and it caused me to jerk and in doing so I felt my foot starting to cramp. Shit!! I was able to stem it off and get on track. Goody.
So after making the turn on the long out I did quite a lot of breaststroke so I could site and my wetsuit was bugging my neck. Even with glide on it kept rubbing. They just don’t make “tall” wetsuits. Or I haven’t found one yet. Probably the latter.
So the swim ended and I’m off to the bike. The swim felt okay but I still wished I trained more in the water. I’ll probably always say that. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast in transition. It wasn’t a priority in the long races. I got evything together and slammed a Hammer gel and was off. It felt good to be on the bike for the first part out of the lake area was slightly downhill. Oh crap that means uphill on the way back. Mother €<£~£|*{^.
So I got settled into the bike and smiled for the camera man. I knew it was going to be a rolly ride and did not disappoint. I decided to take waters at the aid stations mainly to squirt on me to cool down. Yes it was already getting hot at 10 am. I kept dreading the future of this event. Oh well gotta keep going.
So I did pretty well on the bike and even passed a few people, mainly on the downhills. I got passed quite a bit but expected that. I was just not thrilled will the rollers. Too much up and not enough down. I did mange to spill quite a bit of sticky energy drink all overt leg when I was changing bottles. What a goober! My leg was sticking every pedal stroke until I picked up a water bottle from the aid station to shower off with. Mind you we were not stopping at the aid station but just slowing down enough. It felt Tour like!
So I'm close to the end of the bike and realizing that I have to finish with that damn uphill. Oh well my ass hurt and i knew I was almost done and ready to run.
So i thought I would be ready to run but after changing from the bike the heat was serious now. I strapped on my shoes, number and fuel belt and started to walk out of transition. Holy moly it was already hit and bam, here is you course. A shitty dirt path with rocks the size of your head and no shade for miles. What the f&)@!! I downed another Hammer gel and started jogging. That didn't last too long due to the fact that this run had some hills. I have to do 2 laps of this shit??? Wow. So I pretty much did a "run a hundred yards walk a hundred." I got into a pretty good rhythm early but the heat started to build. It got to about 92. It just flat out sucked. I started using the water stations as showers. I couldn't cool down. I was taking salt tabs and water but still wasn't taking enough electrolytes. Good to know for next time.
So after the first lap, I noticed the majority of people were walking. Some were even sitting on the side of the trail stretching. Not what I had in mind. Just make it to the end I kept saying. It was starting to get serious. My core temp was way too high and I was starting to get worried. I walked miles 10-11 and got hosed down at one stop as well as re-sunscreened. I knew I was close but the thought of 2 more miles or 20+ minutes was kind of depressing. Just finish I kept saying. I even thought about what would happen if I just collapsed. Not a good thing. With that I decided to jog a little more and started to feel better. I got of the single track and onto the home stretch and I could hear the finish. Yes, almost done. I picked up the pace and finished with both arms up. I made it and under 6 hours 55 minutes. Oh wait I can take 10 minutes off due to my start wave. Yes. I beat my goal time if 7 hours. Most important though, I finished. It was good to see my wife on the run both laps. I knew she had made it and was going to finish.
After finishing, I got my medal, finishing shirt, drink and FOOD!!! I needed something real. And I needed cooling down.
I waited and watched my wife finish and was proud of both of us for what we did. We made it. And in one piece.
While recovering we went back into the lake cool down and clean up. That really helped. But while this was happening I guess they announced my name. I placed 3rd in my division. And I even beat my focus guy too! Yeah baby!! My wife placed in her division too. Good job all around.
The recovery is going okay and we got back home yesterday. Now to come up with a new goal. I believe it will have to be the full Ironman Arizona 2011. I may do the So. Cal Half in April. We'll see. Right now it just feels good to say we are "Aluminum Men."

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The Day Before??

I find myself sitting in our hotel room watching the Lord of the Rings waiting to finally call it a night. Sleep will not come easy as a 4:30 am wake up lurks. The half Ironman, or as I call it “the Aluminum man,” is on the horizon.

We have our water bottles made, bikes checked and everything looks good. Time to try and sleep. Good luck to all involved.

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First Race in the Bag!

My first race is officially over. I made it! The Santa Cruz International Olympic distance triathlon went very well, I thought. Thanks must go out to my wife for coming along and helping.
My initially time reports (estimates for swim) are 24 minutes (1 mile ocean), 1 hour 17 minutes bike (23 mile) and 1 hour 1 minute for 10K run. My goal was to break 3 hours and I believe I did by over 10 minutes including transitions.

Here’s a recap of each part. Fir the swim, it was definitely a good thing to get in the water and “warm up” if you can imagine. It was cold. Probably mid 50s. I got used to it after a while. Then the first wave was sent off. These were the under 35s and pro/elite men. Not me. I went off in the next wave 10 minutes later. A beach run start. Fun.

After making it to the first buoy, I thought I was taking it out a little too fast so I tried backing off. Good idea. I sighted really well to the second buoy. It seemed to be a long ways away. I was seriously regretting not swimming enough earlier in the week. Not to mention the heavy feeling of the wetsuit. It was a challenge.

So we swam into the beach to make a turn to repeat the lap if swimming. While getting back into the water a guy got knocked over by a way which in turn took me out too. Damn current! Oh well. I seemed to get my swimming mojo back on the second lap. I kept saying to myself “remember I was a distance swimmer.” After hitting the first buoy again sighting became a challenge because all of the colored caps were mixing in with the buoy. Oh well keep swimming I said. And I did all the way back to the beach.

This is where it got “fun.”. We had to exit the beach and run a long way to the transition area. I’d say a quarter mile? Oh well, it helped get all the sand off. While running to T1 a rather large guy with plenty of tattoos passed me and said “good job big guy, keep it up.”. If he’s big to me, I must be …

Off to the bike. T1 was quick. Slammed a Hammer gel and took off. Good thing I rode the course because the mist had come down and the roads were really wet and slippery. I had 4 loops to do and I felt stuck to the road. I counted 8 people changing flats. I was glad I wasn’t one of them.

I felt okay on the bike but not great. My hamstrings felt tight and I couldn’t loosen them. Probably needed to raise my saddle? Trying that for my recovery ride today. We’ll see. While on the bike, I got passed by guys who were flat out moving! I cursed them silently of course. I did pass quite a few however so that made me feel good.

So now that the ride is coming to an end, I made my way to T2 and did well to get out of it in under 2 minutes. I know because of my new Garmin watch. Fun little toy. I had it mounted on the bike and decided to simply carry it for the run. Good idea. I didn’t need to fuss with the strap and could easily see it. If the run was longer, a strap would help, I guess. I did forget to take off my gloves. No worries though.

The run was up and down. I paced a 68 year old for a while. I wanted to break a hour for the 10K. I struggled between miles 2-3 with a side cramp but with some deep exhaling I got it under control. I saw my pace setter getting farther ahead. I did manage to hold under 10 minute miles so I was pleased. Yeah!

After the turn i splased and drank a little cold water. Good idea. It woke me up. Between miles 4-5 I was feeling better and caught and passed my pace setter. A matter of pride I would say. I think I made my kick a hair too soon because the last half mile hurt something fierce. I guess it’s supposed to however. I think I finished strong and beat my goal time. It’s not official but I think I was in around 2 hours 48 minutes. I know I broke 3 hours.

I felt really great after crossing the finish line. I liked getting my medal from a little 5 year old. It was cool and all in all it’s something I will do again. This race was small and really well done.

Now it’s off to train for my half Ironman that’s in September. I’m volunteering at the November Arizona Ironman In hopes of entering this for November of 2011! That’s my ultimate goal!

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Lazy or not…

So as predicted, no ocean swim. Hey it’s actually my birthday so leave me alone. I did get in a short trainer ride so all is not lost.

I guess now is a good time for my energy level to be low. I’ve been training pretty steadily for over a month now so as a coach I would say I’m needing a rest. This is good now and not in 2 weeks. I need to take this rest now so I can come back strong for my first event August 7th. I really do hope it goes well.

Looking forward to the weekend, I’m not sure what’s on the workout schedule. I know we have a 3.5 hour ride followed by a 0.5 hour run. That probably won’t happen until Monday. I may try and get in the ocean swim tomorrow. We’ll see, but hopefully my energy level goes up.

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Gettin’ in the Groove

I believe I have now gotten into a good workout routine. Hey, it’s only taken me a month but I feel if I don’t get in a good practice, something’s wrong. So let see if this holds true come 6 am tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off. I’m scheduling myself another ocean swim practice.

Now this sounds good at the current time. Okay, well maybe not that good. We’ll see. I hope to keep up my routine. I just told my wife about this. She’s not to thrilled with the “short” notice. I could have told her when the alarm goes off, but that would be just too mean, right??

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Triathlon Training, I guess??

So I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date, but is that so unusual for me? Nope, not really.

I guess if I really stop and think about things, my summer has progressed rather smoothly. I finished building my first Custom Shop Electric Guitar, and have really gotten engrossed in this hobby. Almost too much maybe but I’m not doing anything else but training so why not? But now maybe things haven’t progressed exactly towards my event goals that I set out to do back in January.

The way I see it is that I’ve trained more this summer than I can remember. I entered 2 Triathlons so this has helped. But more, I owe it pretty much all to my wife. She is also training and due to some strange events over the last couple of months, her event schedule has also changed. So, we are now doing the same 1/2 Ironman in September. The thing I forgot to mention is that I’m also doing my first major Tri next month (in 3 weeks actually). It’s the Santa Cruz International (Olympic Distance). So let me tell you about my ocean swim…

In order to do this SC Tri, I gotta get in some open water training. I don’t like cold water. So my wife and I met up with her friend and husband to get in a little morning dip. Did I tell you I don’t like cold water?? Well my wife doesn’t like the ocean too much. This is not due so much to the cold water, but rather to the aquatic life. I don’t really mind this, again it’s the cold water, remember?

So to combat the cold water, my wife and I rented wetsuits from Sports Basement. What a great store. I tried mine on and it felt like I was wrapping myself in a 5 mm thick condom. Wow. I could barely breathe and movement was not easy. “Oh I think that one is a little loose on you” says the salesguy.

“Say what?” I said. “Too loose? You’re joking right?” And then he proceeded to show me all the loose parts and I did some adjusting. I even tried on a couple more but they were worse. So I eventually got the first one and off we went.

The next morning came quicker then desired. 6 am sucks anytime but even more so in the summer. We packed up and headed out. It was great that where we practiced was actually where my Tri will be. In all honesty, the water was 53 degrees and salty. Go figure for the ocean in Santa Cruz.

I really had troubles relaxing my face and breath. Very cold. My feet were fine after awhile. After the swim we practiced entries and exits so that helped get the blood moving. So after we finished I felt pretty good with things. I’ve been training pretty well, again with the help from my wife, and I’m looking forward to success. So much in fact that I bought my own wetsuit.

I went back to rent another suit and found out the one I rented before was a couple of years old and the technology had changed. Oh great, give me the new one now. But nooo. They don’t have my size in the new one. Well hell. Let me try on this year’s model for sale, not rent. Low and behold, I could actually breathe and move my arms. I was expecting the sales guy to say “oh that looks too big.” he did, but I adjusted things and he said I could possibly go with a size smaller. Still funny! But no. So I am now ready to brave the ocean again. I need the practice.

Till then…

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First Event in the Bag!

Wow, so when I thought of doing all of these events, I thought I would have time to get ready. Thinking I could do this pain-free was another blunder on my part.

So yesterday’s Superbowl 10K came quick and it was fun, for the most part. I didn’t really get nervous because I haven’t competed in something like this before. That could probably explain my lackluster attempt at training for it. My body is not as young as it used to be. This is quite obvious with the amount if ice and Advil I’ve taken. My knees are having quite angry conversations with me lately.

So I must rethink my training schedule, or possibly my event schedule. Trying to do all of this while Teaching and Coaching, and not to mention trying to be a rock star, may just be too much. Any advice?

More to come.

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My Event Schedule

  • Triathlon Training Event Calendar

    1- Superbowl 10K Run – 2/7 – Santa Cruz
    2- Benecia 10K Run For Education – Sunday 3/21 8:30 am
    3- Vineman Showdown Sprint Triathlon – Saturday 4/17 in San Rafael (1/4 mile Swim, 9 mile Bike, 3 mile Run)
    4- Uvas Sprint Triathlon – Sunday 5/16 in Uvas Park  (3/4 mile Swim, 16 mile Bike, 5 mile Run)
    5- Silicon Valley Olympic Triathlon – Sunday 6/13 (1500 m Swim, 24.9 mile Bike, 6.2 mile Run) 7:00 am
    6- Vineman Aquabike – Saturday 7/31 (Swim, Bike)
    7- Disney Half Marathon – Sunday 9/5
    8- Soma Half Ironman Tri – Sunday 10/24 Tempe, AZ

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Ohh back to school. I am not thrilled with these words. Neither are the students. They were surprisingly awake this morning. Sleep deprivation hasn’t set in yet. Give it a few days. I, on the other hand, have been dragging. It could be from running and cycling the past three days. Or possibly the sleepless night.

For the most part the students were pretty receptive to learning things today. I guess two weeks off helps. But this is the last year that our first semester ends after the Christmas holiday break. Next year, today will be the start of second semester. I guess it’s better because the students pretty much forgot everything that was important. That’s to be expected. And as a result of this, I give the students a review project over the break. How mean I am. I know. I love it.

So hopefully I feel better for tomorrow. I didn’t sleep very well. This is pretty common I have heard from other teachers. The night before the first day back always sucks. I hope to get in a run tomorrow. I have to keep a regular exercise schedule. The first couple of weeks is tough but once I make it and get into a routine, it will be easier. I hope???

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